Canistel - 15 gal pot - 5 Feet Tall - Bigger Trunk


The Canistel is a large, open, evergreen tree that has dark green leaves up to twelve inches long clustered at the tips of the branches. The fruit has a thin orange to yellow skin, and the pulp is dry like the yolk of a hard boiled egg. They are commonly eaten fresh, used in cooking and pies, and they are excellent in ice cream. In milk shakes they taste like eggnog. They are very similar in taste to the Lucuma from Andean countries.


Common Name: Canistel

Botanical Name: Pouteria campechiana

Family: Sapotaceae

Origin: Central America

Avg. Height x Width: 25' x 25'

Varieties: Bruce, Ross Sapote

Season: September - March (may fruit twice a year)

Damage Temp: 28 - 30 F

Canistel - 1 Plant - 15 Gal - 5 Feet Tall -Bigger Trunk