Green Sapote - Pouteria viridis - 7 Gal - 3 Feet Tall


The green sapote is very closely related to the mamey. The fruit have a smooth, leathery, green skin that has a slightly reddish hue when ripe. The pulp is creamy and moist, and they are typically single-seeded. The flavor can be compared to a creamy pumpkin pie, and they are most often eaten fresh or in a milkshake. 



Common Name: Green Sapote

Botanical Name: Pouteria viridis

Family: Sapotaceae

Origin: Guatemala, Central America

Avg. Height x Width: 20' x 20'

Varieties: Fairchild and IFAS

Season: Spring and summer

Damage Temp: 25 - 27 F

Green Sapote - Pouteria viridis - 7 Gal - 3 Feet Tall