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Impatiens 'Central Coast Rose'  1 live plant- Ship in 6" Pot
'Central Coast Rose' strong color Galleria Shopping Center, downtown Santa Cruz this is a wonderful, reliable, persistent landscape and garden color shrub if you site it with some protection. It gets about 3-4' tall and wide, displays wonderful dark green, glossy leaves and glorious deep magenta purple flowers. It blooms over a long season, notably through winter when I. sodenii (oliveri) varieties have stalled. It is seedless as far as we've seen. It shows clear signs of carrying some virus, viroid or similar agent, the symptoms of which are leaves yellowing and developing unevenly and slow growth under cold or underfed conditions. When happy you won't notice any problem. Whatever the agent is it certainly helps restrain vigor under good growing conditions. The Kartuz Greenhouses website states it is tetraploid and has been "a pass-a-long [sic] plant for decades between neighbors in Southern California" which would best explain the apparent resident virus. If anyone knows more about this beautiful, interesting and useful mystery plant we'd like to hear from you! I have seen it used mostly as a container plant in commercial landscapes here in the Santa Cruz area, where local talent Don Genese features it whenever he can. Grow in part sun to full shade, rich, light soils, average watering to regular watering, and feed intermittently to maintain good color and vigor. Two sources report it is hardy to 25F, I show "show me first" - until then 30F/USDA zone 9. rev 9/2018

Impatiens 'Central Coast Rose' - 1 Feet Tall- Ship in 6" Pot

SKU: Acacia cultriformis
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