Moderate-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with an upright growth-habit to 8-10′ tall and wide. Takes well to shearing and can be maintained to a smaller size. This floriferous heat-tolerant variety forms a dense rounded-mound of lightly-arching branches cloaked in dark-green needle-like foliage that develops an attractive pink tinge in cooler weather. Greatly prized for its eye-catching display of abundant showy single pink flowers with deep-pink centers that appear strongest in spring but re-bloom in fall. Takes well to shearing and is well-suited as an accent rock garden specimen hedge screen or container specimen and can also be pruned into a small single or multi-trunked tree. Tolerates coastal conditions and is drought tolerant once established though a more robust looking plant will be achieved with moderate watering. This species will not tolerate consistently wet soil so planting in a fast-draining soil is essential for its overall success.  Prefers a full sun exposure for best growth and flower production.

Leptospermum scoparium 'Helene Strybing' - Helene Strybing New Zealand Tea Tree