Macadamia Nut - Macadamia integrifolia - 15 Gal - 6 Feet Tall


Macadamia nuts are among the most expensive, highest quality, and hardest to crack nuts in the world. Commercial production of the nut is concentrated in Hawaii and throughout sub-tropical Australia. The nuts are commonly used in baking, but they are often eaten fresh or roasted as well. They are typically about the size of a quarter, and require a vise or a hammer to open. 



Common Name: Macadamia Nut

Botanical Name: Macadamia integrifolia

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Australia

Avg. Height x Width: 20' x 20'

Varieties: Arkin Papershell, Beaumont, Dana White

Season: September to December

Damage Temp: 27F

Macadamia Nut - Macadamia integrifolia - 15 Gal - 5 Feet Tall

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  • The largest fruit size of any production Loquat. Very large, rounded, orange fruit with sweet and juicy orange flesh. Large leaf globe tree bears April through May. Hardy to 12 degrees. Self-fertile.