Mamey Sapote - 7 gal pot - 4 Feet Tall - Bigger Trunk


Mamey is the national fruit of Cuba. It has the flavor and texture of sweet potato pudding and it is best served as a milkshake. It can be difficult to tell when the fruit is mature, because they do not have a color break like mangos, and they will still be rock hard. The best way to tell if the fruit is ready to pick is to scratch the surface. If it is green underneath, then it needs more time. If the fruit is pink where scratched, then it is ready to pick. They typically take four to five days to ripen once picked, and at this stage they are soft to the touch. 


Common Name: Mamey

Botanical Name: Pouteria sapota

Family: Sapotaceae

Origin: Central America

Avg. Height x Width: 25' x 25'

Varieties: Pantin (Key West), Magana, Pace, Florida

Season: April-October, according to variety

Damage Temp: 28F

Mamey Sapote - 1 Plant - 7 Gal - 4 Feet Tall -Bigger Trunk