Parkistan Mulberry - 15 Gal - 6 Feet Tall - Big Trunk



Common Name: Mulberry

Botanical Name: Morus nigra

Family: Moraceae

Origin: Asia

Avg. Height x Width: 15' x 15'

Varieties: Everbearing and Pakistani

Season: Spring to summer; Everbearing produces throughout the year

Damage Temp: 22F


Mulberries taste similar to blackberries, and just like blackberries, they will stain your hands and lips. They are excellent eaten right out of hand, but they are often used in preserves, jellies and jams. The leaves of the mulberry are cultivated in many parts of the world as food for silk worms.

Parkistan Mulberry - 15 Gal - 6 Feet Tall - Big Trunk