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Plant is 6" TO 1 Feet tall - ship in 6" pot
Crossandra (Crossandra infundibuliformis), otherwise known as "firecracker flower," can be grown outdoors as an annual or a perennial, depending on where you live. It also provides a burst of indoor color with its brilliant blooms and waxy green leaves. Crossandra is native to Sri Lanka and southern India, favoring tropical and humid conditions, but can be mixed with other sun-loving plants in annual North American gardens. The plant features narrow, oblong leaves and showy peach or coral flowers. Crossandra is best planted in the spring and is a moderately fast grower when moisture and light conditions are perfect. Include it in your pollinator garden to attract butterflies and bees, where it should bloom nonstop all summer long.

Pelargonium ‘Angel Eyes’ 1 Live Plant Ship in 6" Pot

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