Yellow Fire Lily  (Good Hope Clivia)  

  Live Plant With Good Root with  6 Leaves or More

(You Will Receive  1  Live Bulb/Plant - Ship Bare Root)


Clivia 'Good Hope' is a superior strain of yellow Clivia, representing more than ten years of breeding and selection in Japan and the US. With beautiful clusters of clear yellow blooms and wide strap-like leaves, its flower clusters are large and long lasting, blooming from February through May. This clean yellow can be seen at a distance, making it an ideal plant to brighten dark corners. Wonderful for shady borders, containers, or as a houseplant.

Clivia are tough plants. Plant in a shady, frost free location. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. We offer large plants in 4 inch pots. Transplant into a larger container and in 12 to 18 months you should be rewarded with beautiful blooms. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa.

Yellow Fire Lily  (Good Hope Clivia) - 5 Gal Pot