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Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra) - 3 gal pot 

Often called the “Chocolate Pudding Fruit,” Black Sapote is a wonderful tropical tree that fruits easily in a 10” pot. It’s native to Central America where it’s enjoyed as a culinary delight. Once the fruit ripens, cut it in half and enjoy the rich, melt-in-your-mouth, brown custardy pulp with a hint of sweetness and overtones of chocolate. We grew our specimen plant in a 10” pot, which produced 5 large fruit (3” across) when the plant was only 3’ tall. Grow in full sun and fertilize once a month from spring through summer. The fruits can remain on the tree upwards of 8 months and will ripen from July until the end of the year. Remember to grow a container-sized plant, prune back the top after fruit set. This is a grafted plant that blooms and fruits sooner.

Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra) - 3 Gal - 2 to 3 Feet Tall

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