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Plant is 1’ tall ship in 6" pot
Ideal for planting a small divine garden, Hibiscus Florida Sunset is a delight for any garden. Enjoy its gorgeous red, crimson, and vinous flowers that bloom throughout the season. Also, you may find its yellow and orange flowers in warmer areas. This fast-growing shrub can reach up to five to ten feet in height, but with regular care and pruning you can keep it under five feet. To thrive, Hibiscus Florida Sunset needs full sun or semi-shade, as well as regular water. Firstly, it should be watered deeply and consistently after planting. Secondly, keep your Hibiscus Florida Sunset moist to enable the roots to access essential nutrients.
In cold regions, those looking to grow Hibiscus Florida Sunset in a pot should move it indoors during the winter and select a container with drainage holes and a generous space for the plant to spread. The potting soil should be light, moist, and rich in organic matter for the best results. Make sure the pot does not sit in standing water. Water generously during the warm, growing season and reduce the amount through the winter months. Don't forget to give your Hibiscus Florida Sunset his regular dose of fertilizer during the growing season. For the best flowering, prune the shrub lightly, cutting the shoots back by half to two-thirds of their length in late spring.

Hibiscus Florida Sunset - 1 Feet Tall - Ship in 6" Pot

SKU: Crown of Bohemia Hibiscus
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