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Jatropha podagrica - Buddha Belly Plant
Live Plants With Good Root - Fresh From Our Garden
(You Will Receive 1 Plant - 2 Feet Tall - Ship in 3gal Pot)
Buddha Belly Plant is an unusual tropical succulent shrub from tropical Americas. It is grown as a houseplant in NC and generally reaches 2-3 feet but grows 8 feet tall in its native habitat. The caudex is bottle-shaped, knobby and gray-skinned, growing erect and narrowing near the top. Leaves sprout from the upper portion of the plant. The flower clusters are held above the leaves, have both male and female flowers and are orangish-red in color. It will bloom off and on most of the year, even into winter after the leaves have dropped. The oval green seed capsules mature to brown and open when ripe throwing the seeds outwards for some distance. If you want to collect seeds for new plants you will need to cover the capsules. Small net baggies work well for this. The sap from the plant can cause skin irritation.
Grow this plant in sun to partial shade in well-drained soils in a pot with several drainage holes. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. In fall the leaves will begin to drop off and the plant should be brought inside. Reduce watering in the winter.

Jatropha podagrica - Buddha Belly Plant - 1 Plant - 2 Feet Tall - Ship in 3gal

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