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MALAY APPLE - Syzygium malaccense - Mountain Apple - 3 Feet Tall - 3 Gal


The malay apple is a close relative to the wax jambu and the rose apple. Unlike the wax jambu, the malay apple has a single marble-sized seed that separates easily from the pulp. The fruit are bell-shaped and can be up to eight inches long. The taste can be described as a rose water-flavored apple, and they are pleasant and cooling to eat. The trees fruit prolifically, and larger fruit size can be achieved by thinning the crop and watering heavily. The tree grows fast and large, and they typically have a Christmas tree shape.


Common Name: Malay Apple

Botanical Name: Syzygium malaccensis

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: Malasia

Avg. Height x Width: 20' x 15'

Season: Winter and spring

Damage Temp: 30F

MALAY APPLE - 2 Feet Tall - 3 Gal

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